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How Often Should I Get IPL Treatments?

Dr. Raj Singh | 08/18/2021

Erase the signs of aging with IPL treatments from double board-certified physician Dr. Raj Singh and the team at Seven Heart Medspa in Las Vegas, NV.


Tips To Treat Bruising After Microneedling With PRP

Dr. Raj Singh | 07/15/2021

Keep your treatment discreet and get back to your favorite activities comfortably with these helpful tips to minimize bruising after microneedling.


Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For Dark Skin?

Dr. Raj Singh | 06/10/2021

Find out why laser hair removal today is safe for all skin types so you can achieve long-term results and smooth skin.


How Often Can Blue Light Therapy Be Used For Acne Treatment?

Dr. Raj Singh | 05/13/2021

What is blue light therapy for acne, how does it work, and how often can you get treatment? Get all the answers you’re looking for here.


Will An Oxygen Facial Help Reduce My Acne Scars?

Dr. Raj Singh | 04/29/2021

Want to reduce acne scars? Even out skin tone and more with an oxygen facial. Learn about this advanced skin rejuvenation treatment at our facility.


What Happens To Facial Skin When PDO Threads Wear Off?

Dr. Raj Singh | 04/22/2021

PDO thread lifting may be the nonsurgical facelift alternative you’ve been searching for! Discover how long you can expect your results to last.


What Types Of Hyperpigmentation Are Treated With IPL?

Dr. Raj Singh | 04/15/2021

Are you frustrated by sun damage, dark spots, and other skin irregularities? Discover how IPL can give you the glowing complexion you want!


I Need My Cellulite Reduced. Can RF Skin Tightening Help?

Dr. Raj Singh | 04/08/2021

Embarrassed by the bumps and ripples of cellulite? Discover the benefits of radiofrequency skin tightening for a smooth, slender, sexy new look!


Five Things to Avoid After Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Dr. Raj Singh | 03/23/2021

Five helpful tips to protect your skin after laser hair removal in Las Vegas, NV to get the most out of your amazing results.


What Makes Someone Prone to Developing Acne Scars?

Dr. Raj Singh | 03/18/2021

Do you have acne-prone skin? Learn what causes acne breakouts and how to treat scarring through options like blue light therapy and microneedling.


Can Microneedling With PRP Tighten Loose Facial Skin?

Dr. Raj Singh | 03/09/2021

Microneedling with PRP can provide comprehensive skin rejuvenation. Learn how we treat common signs of aging, like loose skin, with this procedure.


Can A PDO Thread Lift Last Longer With Proper Care?

Dr. Raj Singh | 03/05/2021

PDO thread lifts are a great way to tighten the skin for stunning results; however, there are a few things you can do – and avoid – for longevity.


Will IPL Treatments Save My Sun-Damaged Facial Skin?

Dr. Raj Singh | 02/23/2021

Keep reading to learn what sun damage looks like and find out how to repair sun damaged skin with noninvasive intense pulsed light (IPL) sessions.


How Safe Is Laser Hair Removal for Your Face?

Dr. Raj Singh | 02/16/2021

Laser hair removal is a safe method to reduce unwanted hair on delicate regions of the face and body. Discover more about this popular treatment.


Can Blue Light Therapy Reduce Acne Breakouts?

Dr. Raj Singh | 02/09/2021

Blue light therapy is a noninvasive way to effectively treat the appearance of acne and acne scars on the face, back, and/or torso.


How Do PDO Threads Lift and Tighten Droopy Facial Skin?

Dr. Raj Singh | 02/02/2021

PDO threads are a nonsurgical skin tightening treatment that provides similar results to a facelift without having to experience the cost of surgery.


Five Body Areas To Improve with RF Skin Tightening

Dr. Raj Singh | 01/26/2021

Want to get rid of loose skin in the neck, stomach, thighs, flanks, and arms? Learn how RF skin tightening reshapes your body and improves your look.


How Does XEOMIN® Smooth Out Dynamic Wrinkles?

Dr. Raj Singh | 01/20/2021

Discover the injectable XEOMIN for rejuvenating your look, including what it is, how it works, and where it can be used to combat the signs of aging.


Where Can Acne Appear on the Body?

Dr. Raj Singh | 01/13/2021

Learn about acne treatment in Las Vegas, NV, what causes this dermatological issue, and areas of the body that are generally affected here.


Will Fibroblast Plasma Pen Cause Scarring on the Face?

Dr. Raj Singh | 01/06/2021

Patients should not expect scarring after plasma pen treatment as long as they take care of their skin. See how the fibroblast plasma pen works here.


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