Las Vegas Multi-Vitamin Oxygen Treatment

The Multi-vitamin oxygen treatment procedure is an innovative technological process used in anti-sagging skin treatments with the aim of stimulating oxygen penetration into the skin through facial oxygen therapy. As a non-invasive procedure, it does not entail the use of injections or needles. It is applied for the stimulation of the production of elastin and collagen and remains a proven oxygen infusion technique for individuals looking for ways to evade the impact of aging.

In Las Vegas, there is a sole provider of this service, and we are proud to hold the record as the best service provider in the aspect of the multi-vitamin oxygen treatment procedure. In Las Vegas, we offer non-invasive treatments that concentrate on the elimination of fine lines, acne, wrinkles, and severe skin tone. As a widely accepted method of slowing down the process of aging, oxygen treatment utilizes technology with the application of serums with the use of hyperbaric oxygen for the moisturization of the skin. This leads to a firmer visible lifting of the skin and makes the skin look younger and fresher. There are several advantages of utilizing the multi-vitamin oxygen treatment, and these include the provision of support for surgical and laser procedures and also play a significant role in the improvement of common skin disorders like rosacea, dry skin, and acne.


As a procedure used in collaboration with hyperbaric pressure to deliver essential ingredients required by the skin for the desired results, it targets the underlying layers and offers a natural rejuvenating process for the body tissues. However, calming and cooling oxygen is sprayed on the skin, and this enhances the absorption of the treatment serums and increases the moisture levels of the skins in a natural way. This technique is responsible for the stimulation of hyaluronic acid in the body and entails the insertion of serum comprising the right amount of amino peptides, antioxidants, and vitamins to improve the skin of the individuals who undergo the procedure.


This procedure is usually completed in forty minutes by our team at Las Vegas Multi-Vitamin Oxygen Treatment as that is one of the areas of our specialties. This process plays a role in the strengthening of the epidermis as the infusion of oxygen also restores hydration of the skin, as well as reduces wrinkles within a short time. We make sure the process is painless, and make the skin to be firmer with the eradication of fine lines and wrinkles.


With an array of the proper tools in our arsenal, we have a firm belief that we can help you with youthful skin and beautiful appearance after the application of this procedure on you. If you desire to have experienced professionals perform the oxygen treatment procedure on your body in Las Vegas, we are here to help and believe a trial will convince you.




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