The Many Benefits of a Facial

One of the most amazing holiday gifts you can receive is a Facial! The benefits of a facial are outstanding! Read on to see what I’m talking about and put Facials on your list for holiday gift giving this year! Oh and don’t forget to save one for yourself!


Stress Relief

Nothing is more relaxing than a facial. There is something about the warm towels, soft music and massage that just melt away the stress. Suddenly your thoughts turn from returns, feeding the flock and getting back to work, to relaxing, listening to the gentle, soft music and drifting in a place somewhere between the best most relaxing vacation you’ve ever had and heaven right here on Earth. I’m not kidding!


Cleansing & Detoxifying

Everyone washes their face, either before bed as part of your night time rituals or in the shower and after removing makeup. But this is more. This is a deep cleaning, not a scrubbing but an intense cleaning, none the less. A facialist uses steam to gently open the pores and wipe away the toxins that come out as a result. Only a pure, cleansed skin surface is left behind. Then he/she uses various elements to pull out all of the evils that land on your face day after day as you live your life. Many do not realize what we pick up each day. Your facialist uses antioxidant- rich lotions, sea salts, herbal extracts and other oils to cleanse and tone the skin, eventually closing the pores so that the skin is sealed against harmful toxins floating around in the air.


Prevents Premature Aging and Promotes Circulation

Let’s face it; if we can look younger with a facial massage and boosted circulation, I’m down with that! This is the no pill, no procedure way to care lovingly for the skin you’re in! Regular massages promote circulation which causes cell regeneration and helps with collagen production, both items that lend themselves to younger looking skin. The improved circulation brings more blood to the area, tightens the skin and gives you that flushed look of younger skin!


Acne Treatment

An Esthetician works to reduce acne present on the face and to reduce the look and feel of acne scarring that can be present. Salicylic Acid is their tool of choice, followed by an extraction tool which is carefully used to remove whiteheads and blackheads…the lumps that appear seemingly out of nowhere!



Exfoliation is a nice way of saying that during a facial your specialist will remove all the piled up dead skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin! It’s necessary. We can use an astringent or toner at home to help the situation, but the skin cells continue to pile up as they die, leaving your skin looking dull, bumpy and even pitted in some cases. A chemical peel can relieve the skin of dead skin cells and further reveal that healthy layer of skin waiting just beneath the surface.



Estheticians often use cucumber slices during your facial treatment. Needless to say cucumbers smell great, but did you know they are loaded with Vitamin K? That is the secret ingredient that aids in the reduction of under eye circles and dark skin as well as wrinkles. It rehydrates skin and refreshes.


There are further treatments that you can get during a facial. This is but a taste of the deliciousness that awaits you. Don’t hesitate to call or visit the salon and ask questions. An esthetician will be happy to explain the processes to you or a facial specialist can discuss items more germane to your specific skin type and quell your fears. A facial really is one of the best salon services to indulge you and give as gifts to friends and family.



* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.