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Our Fibroblast treatment is a cosmetic treatment that utilizes plasma for the reduction of excessive skin. Fibroblast is a treatment plan with a lower cost than a surgical procedure and is low risk. Fibroblast is renowned for its incredible success with neck tightening, non-surgical eye lifts, and tummy tightening, and so on. This treatment is a minimally invasive technique with reduced exposure to risk at a cheaper cost than the price of surgery.


Liz: Hi, we're doing fibroblast on Erica here. We're getting rid of her very mini double chin that she has, very mini. Because there's hardly anything there, but it bothers her, so we're going to zap that. There's a weird one line right here that we're going to zap and get fibroblast over. What it does is it removes the wrinkles and softens the lines so you don't have to worry about it anymore.

Liz: This is basically pure prevention. She's at the prevention stage. We're preventing any further wrinkles from happening. We're stopping it. We're anti-aging her neck and her little line behind her ear, but we'll start here in a couple seconds. Check it out. We've got nice lidocaine, tetracaine, and benzocaine-

Speaker 2: Benzocaine. The BLT combo.

Liz: BLT combo, so there's very little pain involved, but this is a minimal invasive procedure, but what it does is it'll create nice soft fine lines and you don't have to come back again if you're in the preventative stage of wrinkles.

Speaker 2: Keep it tight and right.

Liz: Keep it tight and right. I like that. Okay ready?

Speaker 2: I'm ready.

Liz: We'll start over here.

Speaker 2: All right.

Liz: See, so not too bad? No pain, no gain. If you want to come in for a free consultation give us a call. We're here six days a week. Our number is 702-336-8868. Thanks. Bye.

Speaker 2: Bye.