Las Vegas, NV | Fibroblast Skin Lift | Seven Heart Spa

At Seven Heart Spa, we want you to be comfortable in your own skin and are willing to help make that happen! Schedule a Fibroblast appointment today! Fibroblast can be used for the tightening of eyelids, under eye, excess upper eyelid skin, jowls, and neck. This procedure can also treat skin disorders, skin tags and sunspots, while also upgrading the appearance of acne scars. Call us to learn the many more benefits to this skin lifting procedure!


Speaker 1: I've never done that. This is my virgin timely line, so I'm on the go. I've got my face, my neck done, the fibroblasts folic and rejuvenation. I definitely see a big improvement, less modeling, more fullness, the skin is tighter. And then I also had the corners of my mouth done. I'm actually shocked. I had three lines over here, which I'd had Botox or filler, put in my lips to get rid of the lines, it did not get rid of the lines. She did the fibroblast collagen rejuvenation treatment on the corners of my mouth. One of the lines is completely gone, one of them is barely there, and the other one I'll probably get one more treatment, but it's amazing how different it is in just one month. I'm so happy with the results.